Windshield wipers ensure proper visibility when driving. Maintaining them is particularly important in winter. Almost anyone with manual dexterity can handle replacement and maintenance of windshield wiper blades.

Replacing wiper blades is generally recommended before winter, especially due to the fact that they are exposed to sunlight during summer, which often causes deformation of the rubber surface. In winter, the rubber wiper blades suffer from freezing weather and replacing them in the cold is not exactly a pleasant experience.

The first variant involves replacing the wiper blades, which is a more time-consuming activity and can be done only by someone who already has experience with it. On the other hand, it is less expensive and eliminates concern about which type of wiper to use. However, selecting the right wiper blade is not difficult. It suffices to know either the model of car or the length of the wiper blades, which is shown on every package in either millimetres or inches.  

Before replacing the wiper blades, it is necessary to put the wipers in the mounting position, especially in the case of new vehicles. First, loosen the mechanical catch so that you can remove the old wiper blades. In the case of a “coat hanger” wiper, turn the wiper away from the windshield and take the blade out of the adapter. Install the new wiper blade in the opposite manner.
In the case of flat wipers, replacement is easier thanks to the mechanical design. Just release the catch of the securing mechanism, take out the old wiper blade and insert the new one.
At the end of the process, it is necessary to mechanically secure the wiper blade to the moving wiper arm; otherwise, it could come loose and get lost. At the same time, also check whether the newly installed wiper blades properly contact the entire surface of the windshield; otherwise, they will lose their functionality and will not provide good visibility. When installing wiper blades, be careful not to damage the moving wiper arm. 

Like every part of your car, the windshield wipers deserve particular care. We recommend cleaning the wiper blades at least once a month. At the same time, we recommend using high-quality windshield washer fluid, which can have a significant effect on the service life of the wiper blades.

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